Tutorial: Cleaning your Wheel

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2 Responses to Tutorial: Cleaning your Wheel

  1. LOVE it! I think I'll have to reward my wheel with a nice "spa day" sometime soon!

  2. I wonder if sometime you might make a short “OILING A LADYBUG” video? (before you decide if you are selling yours or not! 🙂 Mine spit oil out onto the flyer the last time I oiled it…although I had added more trying to make the plastic bobbins quieter. (It didn’t!) I took them back and exchanged them for wooden. Also, I’ve not done anything to the hinges (leather?).
    Teaching myself how to spin (from scratch using the internet & how-to books/DVDs) since 2/2014. If there are some “don’t do this” tips or advice for beginners …we might not have to “unlearn” bad habits!

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