Tutorial: Machine Knit Charity Hat

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7 Responses to Tutorial: Machine Knit Charity Hat

  1. susan says:

    Watching the cat watching the carriage was priceless.

  2. Trisha Pod says:

    Great tutorial. I was given a old knitting machine a Genie (brother 588) after cleaning it and oiling it I got it to work. Now I can try this easy hat.

    Thanks Pat (TrishaC on Revelry)

  3. Trisha Pod says:

    Don’t you just love spell check Ravelry not Revelry lol.

  4. Gina McCoy says:

    I may need to investigate! Never thought I’d want a machine but I’m doing some charity hats now and am excited about getting one done in 45 minutes! btw I got a real kick out of watching your cat as you went back and forth for each row….especially in fast motion! 😉 A fast tennis match.

    • bloomingknitter says:

      You would love a Knitting Machine. I highly recommend a standard machine or a machine that is convertible like the one I show in my video. The plastic bed machines are more reasonably priced, but a metal bed machine usually has a lot more accessories, like a ribber, intarsia cartridge and more. The metal bed machines are usually a lot more expensive though.

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