EP144: Some Knitting But Very Little

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4 Responses to EP144: Some Knitting But Very Little

  1. Lynn says:

    FYI: The lining inside the zipper Pink Flamingo bags is interfacing.

  2. Lynn says:

    Hi Tina, There are ergonomic hand exercises you can do to strengthen your hands, wrist and arms to avoid repetitive motion injury. Many people have information on what to do for pain of this sort. Many knitters and crochet publications have written articles addressing this subject. I had surgery for this very injury over 20 years ago. Many advances have been made to help people like you avoid serious pain and surgery. I hope you will take the time to read and look into it. Anti Inflammatories are not good for you and are a temporary fix. Take care of yourself.

    • bloomingknitter says:

      Yes, I do know about the stretches that I should be doing after knitting for awhile. I sometime just forget. I get wrapped up in the progress of a project and just want to go go go. LOL!

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